Celebrations on June 14, 2016

The end of the year brings many celebrations: completed work, successful projects, moving on to a new grade in the fall, moving up into a new division. This year, we added one more celebration to middle school: We celebrated decades of service from Shirley Rinaldi.

Our plan was throughly middle school: Videos of each student reflecting about what they had learned from Shirley and what they would remember, a talk by a colleague that linked Shirley’s work to our school mission, and finally, sending Shirley, a veteran geocacher, off on a hunt for a cache! Best of all, the entire assembly was a surprise for her!

True to form, we made use of technology to commemorate this respected and beloved teacher. After the reveal, we asked Shirley to FaceTime her daughter, PDS alum Gillian Blain. We played the videos of the students speaking alternatively with other parts of the assembly. When it was time for Shirley to hunt for her cache,  Director of Technology, David Held, opened up a Ustream channel so that everyone remaining the theater could follow Shirley’s quest. Nachman added an upbeat atmosphere with just the right sense of urgency by playing the Maple Leaf Rag while Shirley moved from location to location.

When it was over, we loaded up for a day at Taconic Sport and Racquet. It truly was one of the most beautiful of days to spend outside. Our students were appreciative and playful and wonderful to spend time with.

Enjoy the photos!






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