Chorus Sings at The Landing


All on the same stretch of Boardman Road,came two debuts this fall: We established a chorus in the middle school and a retirement residence, The Landing, opened up across the street from our campus. With both new endeavors up and running at this point in the school year, we were able to bring them together for what will hopefully be the first of many inter-generational opportunities.


Under the direction of acting choral director, Peter Muir, the chorus has been working on a selection of songs that were familiar to the residents of The Landing: Summertime, Pennies from Heaven, and Wonderful World were some of the pieces the chorus brought to their audience. At the end of the program, the middle school students mingled with the residents for a sing-along that included Take Me Out to the Ball Game and You Are My Sunshine.


You can hear segments of some of the pieces by going to the Flickr site.

The students can be very proud of the gift of music and connection that they brought to the residents. While they entered shyly, they exited exuberantly. Apparently the residents felt the same way: first thing the next morning, Peter Muir had a gushing phone call thanking him for the concert and begging for a return one day soon. While this year is winding up very soon, we’ll be sure to plan a visit early in the next year!


A view of Kenyon House from The Landing




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