Lego Missions

Who doesn’t love a robot? Even with robots in our daily lives, it is still a fantasy to think of what else could be engineered to help us. Our sixth graders work each spring, to imagine robots. They also spend a considerable amount of time making a robot, using Legos, and programming it to do a mission.

Learning programming language is a skill that requires clear and sequential thinking. Robots do exactly what they are told– the trick is to tell them what to do in the right way.

In the sixth grade science curriculum, energy is the theme that weaves through the year. For the Lego programming challenge, students design a mission related to human use of energy. The robot might deliver solar panels, place a turbine in a water source, or delicately place an oil barrel in the correct location.

Finally, robots met the table arena as students described the energy source that inspired the mission, and then held their breath to see if the robot would operate as it was programmed to do.

Enjoy a little glimpse:

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