Penguin Power = Passion


Little Blue penguins in Australia                             (Aquarium of the Pacific)

Our mission statement at PDS:

Poughkeepsie Day School develops educated global citizens with a passion for learning, leading and living.

Many students find a particular passion as early as late elementary and middle school. Zach, in grade six, has developed his passion for penguins for a long time.

The term passion should not be used lightly, and it is clearly not in Zach’s case. He is an expert on penguins, and his interest is supported by his family, who take him to various aquaria so that he can learn more.

This holiday season, Zach asked his parents to help him give gifts to penguins, rather than buy gifts for him. Zach arranged a day to bring the penguin’s gifts to the Mystic Aquarium, during our break. The gifts, chosen after consultation with the aquarium’s trainers, included finger paints and a small, waterproof piano!

Zach’s passion drives him to connect with others, and he blogs about his interest, and about the best interests of penguins around the world. He provides helpful and thoughtful reviews about penguin exhibits once he has toured them.

To read Zach’s blog, Penguin Power, and see a video of Zach’s visit to the Mystic Aquarium, you can follow this link.

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