Winterfest 2015


IMG_5173.jpgWe had a warm and community focused ending to this amazing week. The last school week of 2015 could not have been better– from Food Bowl to Mozambique to the concert and today’s end of year festivities, everyone shone.

With only a few hours in school today, we still managed to pack a lot in. Middle school started with some advisory time, and then met in the theater to have a screening of the movies from the fall Cinematic Storytelling course. Students wrote scripts and were taught to film using three or more angles in a scene, for development. It was an ambitious undertaking.

We had our first ever, middle school 3-D snowflake extravaganza in the MSLC. We have about two dozen finished or almost finished snowflakes to hang when we return.

We joined the rest of the school in All School Activity groups. The task for this month was to make a paper component of a huge mural for the front lobby area. Each group had a theme: winter sports, birds, animals, stars, snow, buildings….

Next, groups came together in the theater. While some adults got busy finishing the mural, the rest of us got to hear a solstice story from Jonathan,  “Let it Snow,” sung  by Daron, and the 4-5 chorus sing about joy. We all sang “Here Comes the Sun,” since the days will be getting longer by the time we see each other again.

Advisors bid farewell to everyone at noon. We wish one and all a warm and relaxing break!



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