Making x 2: Trees More Important and for Maker Faire


Follow the path to “Treedom!”

Our sixth graders have been particularly busy this week, making final preparations for the Maker Faire coming up this weekend, on Saturday, November 14. In their science class, with their teacher, Emma Sears, students have been wrestling with the question of how to make trees more important to people. Part of their solution was to design tree games for younger children. I toured the efforts of one of the sixth grade classes and their games looked fun and inviting. They will debut at the Maker Faire in a booth for visitors to play.


One example was Path to Treedom, a board game using colored acorns as markers along a Candy Land style path. Another example was Tree Quiz, where students design a leaf along the sort of binary key questions found in a tree guide. At the end of the quiz, the game tells you what sort of tree you are.


Another game sets students on a path to knowing one of the three most common trees in our area. Finally, there is a very elaborate game of Tree Monopoly. Rarity of the tree determines the “real estate” value, with white pine being more common and elm being the rarest.

Game parts.

Game parts.

The learning and creativity  behind the ideas was exhilarating to see. The students were proud of their work and eager to show me. The best part is, I am not the final audience, by a long shot. Thousands of people may see the games this year. Maker Faire will bring many, and our own lower school will also get to play the games with their sixth grade buddies.

Game board for Tree-oploy

Game board for Tree-oploy

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