Opening Day: Glad to be back

Opening Day!

I wish the construct of “school” could hire a really good public relations manager. Too many times the stock joke, movie, or conversation sticks with the cliche that kids are sorry to see summer end, and would like to delay the return of school for as long as possible. No one could believe that tired, old line after witnessing an opening day at our school.

Kids like being with other kids– and school gives them a chance to do that. All humans, from babyhood on, thrive when having meaningful work to do. School gives kids a chance for that as well.

We may be tired, but it’s a good kind of tired. We’ve just barely gotten started, but rest happy that today was a really good day.

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2 Responses to Opening Day: Glad to be back

  1. Terrific! Thank-you.


  2. I love seeing shiny, happy faces!


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