LEGO Robotics Missions 2015

Feedback is crucial to learning. The closer the feedback to the effort, the better the learner can begin to integrate the feedback into the next try. Each year our sixth graders get nearly immediate feedback as they build and program LEGO robots to carry out missions.

Little changes mean a lot in programing. Literal degrees matter if a student is trying to make a robot hit a target. By adding attachments, the students can pick more difficult missions for the robot. They often have to return to the programing again and again to get it right.

This week the sixth graders hoped they had it right, and invited their families to view the missions. The MSLC took on the air of a sporting arena as we all watched with a sense of suspense to see if a given robot would fulfill the energy mission it had been designed for. Some did, some needed a second chance, and some others need improvements in the lab.

Students also designed a robot of the future and wrote about how a robot might solve a problem for society.

It was a fun event, thanks to sixth grade science teacher, Emma Sears. Thanks also to high school student Ryan Stier, for stepping in for another year of refereeing around the LEGO table.

More photos from the event can be seen on Flickr.

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