Getting Back Together


While a one week break may be brief, for middle school students, last week marked a return to our community after being apart for two weeks, because we were away on trips the week before break.

I love seeing students great each other after a break. Students like being in school; their faces don’t lie no matter how much what they might say. While getting up in the morning can be tough, and some school assignments can weigh on a mind, nothing beats the locker hallway after a break for happiness. It’s almost better than the first day of school in terms of excitement– by now there is no such thing as a new student! An added bonus is that the adults all notice how much older and bigger students look after a break.

So, in honor of our reunion, we took the last hour of school on Friday to play BUNCO. I alone held the knowledge of what BUNCO was and just slipped it into the schedule on the monitor, smiling like the Cheshire cat when ever anyone asked.

The smiles were turned on me though, as we seated everyone at tables of four for an hour of play. The game is a mixer, so within six rounds, everyone had had many opportunities to reacquaint. The Animoto was compiled from photos of the activity. Enjoy!

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