Winter Arts: Dancers take to the stage for MS assembly


The Winter Arts dance classes, with their teacher, Jessie Levey.

There is energy in stillness. Holding still and not moving is active. Contradictory, but true, according to the middle school dancers who shared their work in this morning’s assembly.

Today’s culmination of a winter’s arts classes ended in two performances. The first was a film made by a group of seventh and eighth grade dancers. The piece was called “Moments,” and was filmed around campus (even in the snow!). After shooting forty hours of raw footage, eighth grade class member, Paavo, edited the work down to about three minutes. Editing alone took him seven hours. Take a look:

The second piece, performed by the sixth and seventh grade class was called “Woven,” as the moments were “woven” together into once piece. Wearing simple costumes, paired and small groups of dancers showed us “moments” that worked together into a whole group piece. Their work was very polished. The students showed confidence and had stage presence.




Thank you, dance classes, and thank you Jessie.

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4 Responses to Winter Arts: Dancers take to the stage for MS assembly

  1. Fantastic! Thanks for this Laura. And thank you to teacher Jessie Levey (Choreolab rides again!) And to all the dancers, choreographers and videographers. (Am reblogging – this is too good to miss.)

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  2. Reblogged this on The Compass Point and commented:
    I love this account of the culminating performance of the middle school dance elective. Thank you Laura for the post and thank you Jessie. And just look at that troupe of dancers, performers and videographers! If hearts actually had cockles they would be roasting right now!

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  3. jessielevey says:

    What a great trimester I had with the MS dancers! I am taken by their enthusiasm, courage and hard work. It has been a pleasure. And, of course, we are all incredibly grateful to Paavo for his artistry, time and commitment in making such a fabulous video! For your viewing pleasure, we made an impromptu (shaky) video of “Woven,” during rehearsal today. Here’s the link: Thank you all for having me in the MS. Looking forward to dancing with the LS students next week!

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  4. Jena Ball says:

    Wish I could have seen the performance and would have loved to look over Paavo’s shoulder as he edited. Very inspiring!

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