Colorful Common Time

Our middle school program has “free” blocks build in for programs like tinkering, silent sustained reading, and to give students time to take leadership in the middle school community.

When I unloaded my camera this morning I was struck by color– and here are three examples of colorful common time:

IMG_1295At the end of our Day D (interdisciplinary day) we have a one hour activity period, recently renamed Navigator Time. This winter, students volunteered to run Navigator Time and this group plays the colorful strategy game, Risk. In the background, a student in the photography group also thought the scene was worthy of capture.

IMG_1291 IMG_1292Some students and advisors are cutting out stars for an advisory activity. Colorful, yes, and also serious. We are starting a series of advisory sessions about identity, race, bias, microagressions and white privilege. Serious topics, all. The stars were used for the launch activity today, in which students listened to a time line while holding a star that represented an America man or woman of either European ancestry or African enslaved person ancestry. The time line runs from colonial America through 1960s US history. Students bent or tore corners of their star if the group the star symbolized lost rights and unbent corners if, eventually, the represented group gained rights. Afterwards, each student had time to reflect in writing. It was a powerful, experiential beginning to the advisory series.


Colorful and community focused! This group of 8th graders formed a club to be helpful around PDS. Some students organized and labelled our carts of common materials. Another group tidied the book wheel and decided to arrange the spines by color.


Quite pleasing to the eye.

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One Response to Colorful Common Time

  1. Alex says:

    The book wheel has a very colorful, peacemakers vibe to it, thanks to some of the 8th graders. It was very organized and looks like it took a lot of work. I thought it was an interesting way to show community service around the school.


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