Sneak Peek at Canstruction Progress and THANK YOU Goya!

photo 1

Big excitement for Canstruction this week! The cans are in the building! For the third year we have been so very fortunate to have Goya support Canstruction and our students, in particular, by donating all the cans for our build.

This year’s structure uses a whopping 1,200 cans to make the castle. The students’ conception is the most complicated structure we’ve seen tried yet.

Having the cans on site this week has meant that students have been able to practice building. What sounds so simple, “build from cans,” has all sorts of problems to be solved to become real: balance, proportion, symmetry, order, and how to have five students in a small space for each section.


You’ll see the size of the build taped off in the photo– the students practice in the actual conditions they will be working under. The structure is permitted to have some masonite to support it and Steve Mallet, our facilities manager (and can chauffeur, too) has been very helpful for this part.

photo 2

Friday the 30th will soon be here and the can castle will be seen by all! Gather your own can donation and head to the mall to help us win the Peoples’ Choice award.

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