Supporting Literacy by Helping Families to Read at Home


For the second year in a row, our middle school students have supported a local organization called Leading to Reading, which advocates for and supports family literacy by collecting new books and creating book packs to distribute to households that may not have access to new books for their children. Along with the books themselves, the packs contain coloring, questions for discussion and stickers. Our students not only help make the packs, they have also generated discussion questions to go with books targeted for the middle school set.

This year, students not only worked on the book packs, they also researched and wrote a blog about the importance of supporting reading early and within families.


With our PDS book fair coming up this week, they ask for your support in helping them to collect new books that can be donated to the endeavor. The PDS Parents Association has kindly agreed to have a collection box at the book fair– if you purchase a book to be donated, you can leave it there. The Parents Association will also be offering the proceeds from cash donations towards books for Leading to Reading.

I’ll turn the rest of this post over to the students themselves, who have made posters and announcements to help this cause that they have come to appreciate so deeply.

Dear Families,

Some of the middle schoolers at PDS have learned about early childhood literacy as part of our service curriculum. Early literacy is a big issue in many families’ homes. Some 7th graders collected data and statistics about early literacy. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities Inc., 25% percent of adults in this country lack the basic literacy skills required for a typical job ( We want to do something about this issue, so we have put up posters around the school, made PSA’s to raise awareness, and put resources on a blog. There is still something more to do.

Poughkeepsie Day School is holding a book fair on December 10th-12th. Please consider giving your child money so that they may purchase an extra book and donate to our book drive. All donations go to the local organization, Leading to Reading, which promotes childhood literacy for underserved children by making book packs of new books that children can take home.

There will be a collection box at the book fair, and donations can also be dropped off with Laura in the middle school dean’s office. If you prefer, you can buy a book at a local store and send it in to school to be donated.

You can find information about additional programs that help teachers, parents, and kids understand the importance of this issue on our blog

Thank you for supporting this important endeavor!


Alex, Jade, Mira, Lexi

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