Tinkering with sixth grade

I’ve spent this first trimester tinkering with the sixth graders. Most of our classes were spent learning how to wire a circuit and program a light to flash. It was challenging! Today was our last class with David, and he set up stations for us. More about that later, but before we dove in, David showed us his first personal computer:


It was “top of the line,” and cost about $2000. David acquired the personal computer through a grant he was writing to be able to do art with it. One student asked, “How did you move it around?”

After marveling about the old days, we tried our hands at taking apart some old electronics:


Doodling with a handheld 3-D “printer that works like a pen:


And using a program attached to a sensor that plays an on screen harp when the players waves hands.

Fun ending to a trimester of tinkering!

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