Makers from the Middle


Hope you’ve heard– we are having a Maker Faire at PDS! The big day is coming right up, on Saturday November 15 starting at 10am.

The middle school will be represented in a couple of projects. In Karl’s service learning group, students studied early childhood by visiting some pre-school programs and our lower school. They designed an early childhood construction area for the Maker Faire. A key feature of the area will be Bloxes. These are large, sturdy and light. The youngest visitors to the Maker Faire will be able to have a area just for them, thanks to the work of these students.


Emma has been working with a small and dedicated group to program NXT Lego robots to draw. They are called “doodlebots,” in their current configuration. They’ll be moving around a white board on the floor to do their art at the Faire.

We hope you’ll join us! In addition to these projects, our Maker Faire has about 60 more makers– from cooking to crafts to workshops and art. The maker movement is a strong one and growing– and PDS will be the local hub on November 15.

More information about the day and attending.

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4 Responses to Makers from the Middle

  1. As an alum, it makes me so happy and proud to see PDS being at the forefront of one of the most important priorities for our future economy and society- getting kids interested in building and putting things together. It’s not so much of a departure from the past, as the school throughout my time there always encouraged creativity, experimentation, and getting outside of one’s comfort zone. But it’s great to see it being expressed now through a tangible focus on science and engineering as well. Beyond the technical skills that any of these students may go on to develop, a mentality of making things can go a long way toward developing future citizens who are committed to improving their communities and the lives of others. It’s also exciting that by hosting the Maker Faire, PDS is doing it’s part to engage the local community on this critical topic.

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    • lgraceffa says:

      Thanks for connecting to the MS blog– it’s great to hear from you, Matt!And thanks for reinforcing the point that schools need to give kids opportunities for creativity and experimentation, because it does change one’s mentality.


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