College Information Night for Eighth Grade Parents

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.08.36 PM

College is a still a few years away for middle school students, but here are a few reasons why parents of eighth graders might want to attend our college information night:

1. College Counseling is an important part of our high school program: While college is still a few years in the future, high school is months away, and getting to know our college counseling program is one way to get to know our high school.

2. College is expensive: Kids grow up fast, and that can seem especially the case when saving for college. One of the topics that will be addressed at this information evening is an outline of financial aid and financial planning for college tuition.

3. You are probably thinking about college anyway: One of the ways that PDS serves its seniors and their families is by making great efforts to change what can be a stressful process, to as affirming and supportive a process as possible. Since you are thinking about college anyway, come and hear from Bernadette how thinking about college doesn’t have to be worrying about college.

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