Halloween is coming by…

“Halloween is coming by…” and Ooooo..Ahhh…Those are the sounds heard coming from the theater this afternoon.  It was our annual All School Halloween activity.

Middle school students had the important and active job of off loading sixty pumpkins on Thursday morning, and placing them in an anticipatory state in the courtyard. Earlier in the month, a small group of students helped inventory supplies for costuming and carving.

Once in their All School groups, students have two important tasks: carve three jack ‘o lanterns and dress the seniors in costumes made only from newspaper and masking tape. We assemble in the theater– literally all of the school– for the rest of the event.

The fashion parade leads off the assembly. The mix of younger students creating the costume, with seniors and silliness describing the character that emerges, is completely giggle inducing. One may notice that the fall collection presents a complimentary color palate, as all groups had the same basic materials. This parade of seniors was our largest ever– the class of 2015 numbers forty strong! Many have been here since pre-K and waited thirteen years for this moment.

Lower school students in the 2-3 led us in singing the classic song: “Halloween is Coming By.”

After the fashion parade, a hush is called for…the stage curtain opens slowly…and rows of lit jack o’ lanterns grin at the students who respond with calm choruses of ooo’s and ahhs.

A particularly nice afternoon.  And this year, an educator’s dream– Halloween is on Friday– no one has to come to school the next morning! Enjoy!

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