“Alone,” might not have happened without the crowd


The sixth grade is reading Beowulf— the first novel in English was a scary story! This is an illustration of Grendel, drawn by a sixth grader.

For the past nineteen years, the Poughkeepsie Journal has run a scary story contest. For most of those years, Poughkeepsie Day School students have entered the contest– and usually won.This year, seventh grader, Nachman won first place for his story, “Alone.” Sixth grader, Ibrahim, won an honorable mention for his story, “Parents.”

The judge, author Lesa Cline-Ransome, commented that “Alone,” was, “Masterfully crafted suspense reminiscent of Stephen King,” and  “Line by line, the author blends mystery and storytelling all the way to the shocking ending.” You can read the story and watch a video of Nachman reading his story on the newspaper website.

After he heard about the win, Nachman wrote an email to his teacher, Shirley. He thanked her and was analytical in realizing that peer editing really convinced him that the story was worth submitting. His classmates liked it– even though some might not consider it to be a traditional Halloween story.

Winning a contest is nice. This year will be particularly memorable, though, because of the acknowledgement from the student that the method of teaching– writing and peer editing and review– made the process great. And for that reason, every student in the class was a winner.

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