Just so much fun!


Got the groove.

An arresting moment on my way to science class: Karl’s advisory had lively music at an nice, respectful volume, and tons of laughter pouring out from behind closed, glass doors. They were dancing in a circle. Each student had a chance to add a four beat movement and they were strung together additively. It was graceful and coordinated. It took concentration and creativity. The scientist in me noted that these students would arrive to class with oxygen and good feelings in their brains from the movement and laughter.


So happy their feet don’t touch the ground.

And then, after lunch at recess, students started to line up, spontaneously, for a coordinated jump. My camera came out and with great purpose and laughter, they did it enough times for me to capture a mid-air image. Next, I was surrounded, since every jumper wanted to approve the photo. The dean in me noted that students can cooperate even when unasked, and that no student who wanted to join the coordinated jump was left out.

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2 Responses to Just so much fun!

  1. srinaldi2012 says:

    Our middle school rocks!!!!!


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